High blood pressure  Foods to avoid

High blood pressure or say hypertension is a kind of problem in the body that do not show any sort of symptoms until, it reached to its advance stage. This problem occurs due to a rise in the pressure puts by blood on the walls of vessels. All those people who have this problem are at risk of having some serious health problems like heart disease, heart attack, kidney failure etc. When a person diagnosed with high blood pressure then doctors prescribed them such medication that can control their blood pressure and keep at healthy levels.

However, along with medication it is also extremely important to have a healthy diet and exercise on regular basis. Diet with high amounts of vitamins, potassium, antioxidants, and magnesium is very beneficial for people with high blood pressure. Therefore, all those people who have high blood pressure problem should take lots of fruits, whole grain cereals, vegetables and nuts. At the same time, it is also extremely necessary to know what kind of food items should avoid to keep blood pressure at normal level. It is because, having right foods and ignoring wrong foods will surely help in protecting from many kinds of health problems arise due to high blood pressure. Here is a list of those food items that high blood pressure patients should avoid.

Salt – People with high blood pressure should avoid intake of salt in their food. Intake of excess salt in foods increases the chances of having high blood pressure as well as harms heart and blood vessels. A person should not eat more than one teaspoon of salt in a day.

Fats – Patients of high blood pressure should avoid intake of fats totally.However, some doctors advise to limited intake of fats as according to the severity of the problem. Foods high in fat lead to obesity that also causes high blood pressure. Therefore, it is necessary to avoid fried foods and foods cooked in artificial oils at all costs.

Red Meat – High blood pressure patients should avoid red meat. It is because, red meat contains some kinds of chemicals and toxic substances, that generally consumed by the animal. Such chemicals and toxic substances do not suit to the body of human and can enhance the chances of high blood pressure. However, in some cases patients can eat white meat in a reasonable proportion along with fresh fruits and veggies.

Sugar – Foods high in sugar can lead to obesity and obesity leads to high blood pressure. Therefore, it is suggested to high BP patients to avoid sugar consumption.

Processed food – High BP patients should not eat the processed or packed foods as these kinds of foods contain high content of salt and fat that are not god for their health.

Alcohol – Alcohol can also lead to damage to the blood vessels and many other serious health problems. Therefore, it is important to avoid consumption of alcohol. If, people do not take any kind of precautions about their diet then only medication will not help in living a healthy life. Here it is also advisable that if, you are not a patient of high blood pressure then also you should follow such kind of diet that can help in keeping blood pressure under control.

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