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Diet to control diabetes

In last few decades, the number of diabetics is enhancing rapidly in all over the world since, not only old people but also children diagnosed with diabetes. There are many reasons of diabetes in different people such as stress, lack of physical exercises, bad eating habits, and family history. However, it is difficult to control this deadly disease but with a proper diet and prescribed medicines, anyone can control the sugar levels in the blood. With a diabetic diet, a person can easily prevent himself from health complications like kidney problems. It is because; a diabetic diet slows down the process of increasing sugar in the blood. Thus, simply we can say that, it is possible to control blood sugar with a proper diabetic diet and to live a healthy and normal life.

The best way to control and decrease the blood sugar level is to lessen the intakes of sugar. Therefore, the diabetic diet should comprise –

High fiber foods – All those foods that are rich in fiber, are extremely helpful in controlling the sugar levels in blood. A person who knows the value of the fiber foods and consumes them regularly then he never face the problem that called diabetes. The fiber known as water-soluble fiber is very helpful in controlling diabetes and fruits like apple and pears are great source of this fiber. Vegetable such as cabbage, spinach, cauliflower and tomatoes are also good source of fiber that helps in managing levels of blood sugar.

High protein foods – Any person who wants to control his blood sugar levels and want to live a healthy life should intake the high protein foods. Since, high protein foods also very helpful in maintaining healthy blood sugar levels. Fish and legumes are good way to get protein at the same time; fresh fruits should be a part of diet for every diabetic person as fruits also contain rich quantity of vitamins that also very essential for a good health.

Carbohydrates – However, carbohydrates can increase the blood sugar level but a diet for diabetes control remains incomplete in lack of sufficient amount of carbohydrates. A diabetic person should take reasonable amount of carbohydrates in order to control the levels of blood sugar. A diabetic person should not intake potatoes, white rice, white bread since these kinds of eatable contains simple and concentrated carbohydrates that are not good for health of diabetic person. Instead of these things, a diabetic person should intake foods like brown rice, brown bread, vegetable, oatmeal since; these are extremely helpful in controlling and maintain healthy blood sugar levels.

What to ignore to control the blood sugar:
High sugar foods – It is very important to lessen that amount of sugar in the diet of a diabetic person. Therefore, it is necessary to avoid bananas, sugarcane, oranges, canned fruits and processed foods as these foods contain high level of sugar that is not good for diabetic people.
Heavy meals – Heavy meals leads to consume a high amount of sugar and that is not good for diabetic people. Therefore, a diabetic person should avoid heavy meals and should intake 5 or 6 small meals throughout the day.

The most important thing is that every diabetic person should strictly follow a proper diet along with regular exercise. Regular exercise for about 30 to 60 minutes can help in preventing from health related problems arises due to diabetes. Exercises such as jogging, cycling, walking are some of the most recommended exercises for diabetics.

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