Suggest eating small frequent meals and low fat snack in relaxed setting. Recommend eating slowly and staying up right after eating.

Suggest taking a walk after meals The patient should wait at least 2 hours before lying down and elevate the upper dody when sleeping.

Monitor weight gain and blood pressure. Rule out hypertension and the appearance of proteinuria Assess amount of sodium in diet.

Suggest the patient elevate feet whenever possible and Wear Support pantyhose especially for Work of when Standing For Longs Periods.

To sustain weight loss in adulthood Participate in at least 60 to 90 minutes of daily moderate intensity physical activity while not exceeding caloric intake requirements.

Some people may need to consult with a healthcare Provider before participating in the level of activity.

Today, people know the hazards of being overweight. This is the reason; people try to lose their extra weight as soon as possible. But, generally due to life packed full with so many activities make it impossible to have some time to spend in exercising and cooking some healthy foods. For such people the online/telephone diet plans are the best. The online dieticians and telephonic dieticians prepare a customized diet plan according to the lifestyle, age, gender and eating habit of a particular person. Moreover, the online diet plans are very cost effective as comparing to other traditional diet plans.

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