Mindful and its benefits

In a world where we are being told to eat this or eat that, it is hard sometimes to trust our judgment. But that, in part, is what mindful eating is all about. Now, this does not necessarily mean trust your taste buds, so keep that in mind. Mindful eating is not about eating cake, cookies, or pizza whenever your heart desires. It is about listening to your body and being in touch with what your body needs.

Mindful eating requires you stop and primarily be mindful about the foods you chose to eat…

  • what nutritional value do they contain?
  • how hungry are you?
  • how much do you need to eat?

It is not necessarily about counting every calorie that goes into your mouth but instead, just making sure you are present while eating. What benefit does this hold? Here are a few things you stand to gain from including mindful eating in your day…

You Will Pause During The Day. With today’s hectic pace, we are always rushing around. Many of us do not stop to think never mind stop for a proper meal. This can create stress in our body and rarely is it ever alleviated.

One of the requirements of a mindful eating plan is you stop and be present while eating. This will help you think about the food you are eating and to taste it – not just shove it down as fast as you can.

This pause can help give you peace during your day.

You Will Make Healthier Food Choices. Next, you will also make healthier food choices. When people are present with their eating experience, they are already doing something good for their body. This awareness level means you are likely to choose food wisely.

Over time, this can add up. You may not think one small serving of pizza or a sliver of cake is a big deal but it all adds up.

You Will Eliminate Emotional Eating. Mindful eating will eliminate emotional eating. Many of us eat for reasons nothing to do with food. While the odd time this is acceptable, if it is often happening, it is not a habit you want to be continuing. Mindful eating will help you avoid this. It will enable you to be in the present and fully aware of your emotions. If you are feeling something other than hunger, that means not eating to fill that void.

You Will Lose Weight. Finally, mindful eating will help you to lose weight. Those who eat mindfully are more likely to stop when feeling full and therefore will lower their calorie intake automatically.

Keep these benefits in mind and consider mindful eating if you have never given it a try. It will take work, but it is well wort


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