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, Nutritioand Weight loss in Dubai

If you are looking for any diet plan? Then why not the exclusive diet plan suggested by dietician, Sheela Seharawat. She is the right person to help you with any kinds of diet plans and you will surely get 100% effective results. […]

Diet center in dubai

Why diet clinic? When you join the diet clinic, they will create a customized fitness program for you. Your weight loss clinic program includes a healthy eating plan and an exercise regimen that is suited for whatever fitness goals you might have.Diet […]

Diet center in dubai

Dietician Services Offered by Sheela Shekhawat Dietician Sheela Shekhawat has been offering her services since the year 2006 as has earned a good name for herself. She is a registered dietician and has many awards and certificates to her credit.Diet center in […]

the Best Weight Loss Clinic in Dubai

Learn how to lose weight fast and get the health benefits. Dietician, Sheela Seharawat is the best person to help you with healthy diet plans. If you are looking for a legitimate way to lose weight quickly, then you are at the […]

Slimming center dubai

Drink Water to Lose Weight Water is the source of life. Two third of the globe is water, but have you ever imagined that water can help you reduce weight in an efficient and inexpensive way.Slimming center dubai Yes it is true, […]

Healthy diet plan in dubai

Good Health Basics What is good health? The question that many asks today, but fails to find an answer. Health has always been a complicated topic and hence confusing and hard to understand.Healthy diet plan in dubai At Diet Clinic we guide […]

diet Dubai

Are you worried about your child’s nutrition? This could be the perfect time to find a dietician to help you solve problems related to child nutrition. Dietician, Sheela Seharawat creates some pediatric diet plans for your kids. You can surely get the […]

how to lose weight in dubai

A Dietician can help you manage diabetes. If you have diabetes, chances are you have a health care team that gives you advice on how to handle it what you must eat the exercises you should do and such like. Alternatively, at […]

Losing Weight Dubai

Why You Should Consult a Dietician? Sometimes you may not feel the need to consult a dietician when you can go to a doctor. However, a dietician is the one has deep knowledge about the nutritional value of food items.Losing Weight Dubai […]

Diet Clinic Dubai

Tried and Tested Dietician When it comes to your body, it is always advisable to consult a dietician who has been tried and tested. Though, new dieticians may also be good, but it is always better to consult one who has a […]